Sr. Sales Development Representative

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  • Gurugram, India

Sr. Sales Development Representative

Job description

The purpose of the role is to initiate conversation with prospective customers and educate them on inFeedo's value proposition. This involves generating sales qualified opportunities to supplement the pipeline of the sales managers.

No. of positions: 1

What will you be doing? 

1. Prospecting & Opportunity Generation: Networking and Initiating Dialogues with C-Level HR Leaders in Enterprises. You will need to call and qualify all priority/non-priority MQLs and take them to a level of SQO (Sales Qualified Opportunity). 

2. Outbound Campaigns: You'll be owning all outbound campaign for your designated region. Taking initiates and sourcing leads through various outbound activities. 

3. Lead & Account Management: You will need to manage a list of accounts and leads in North America and ensure a healthy pipeline for your Account Executive. 

4. Relationship Management: You shall provide swift & prompt response to queries from prospects. Keeping a rigorous follow up on active as well as non-responsive leads. 

5. Mentor Team: Acting as a mentor for the SDR Team. 

Who will you work with?

AnmolBharti and of course the rest of the jovial inFeedo team you'll find at the end of this page.


What skills do you need?

  1. Mandatory: 1 - 4 Years of experience working in the SaaS industry with US Inside Sales setup and a track record of converting leads into sales qualified opportunities.

  2. Communication: Effective & Creative Communication & Presentation Skills especially with Senior Leaders in Large Enterprises.

  3. Outbound: Knowledge of Account Based Prospecting (Outbound) using LinkedIn.

  4. Flexibility: The ability to work in a dynamic environment not restricted to shifts and Geo.

  5. Technical bent of mind: Ability to learn new tools on the go and open to constant learning.

  6. Familiarity with Salesforce: Inside Sales methodology and account based selling.

  7. Growth: Demonstrate the ability to ramp up to a Sales Specialist role.

  8. Making do with less: Understand startup culture and how to work with minimal resources & dependencies to generate maximum results.

What happens after you apply?

  1. Within 15 days of your application - which is wholesome, original & expressive - our People Team will reach out to you for a quick chat.

  2. Within 4-6 days of chatting with the People Team, you will get a call from someone from your future team to discuss the job role.

  3. If all goes well, we’ll welcome you to our office for your future manager to deep dive into the role with you and for you to show off your skills through a small task.

  4. After a quick interaction with the People Team, If our vibes match, a tête-à-tête with the founding team follows

  5. Finally, we high-five and jot down the next steps for you to come join us. :)

Our expectations before you click “Apply Now”

At any step, if things don't work out, we proactively send an email. You are welcome to ask for feedback and reapply in future. :)

Keywords:  HR Tech, SaaS, SQL, Cold Calling, Outbound Campaigns, Networking, Lead Generation, Presentation