Sales Development Representative (SDR)

  • Sales
  • Gurgaon, India

Sales Development Representative (SDR)

Job description

We're looking for an SDR who can help qualify, convince and schedule demo sessions with HR Heads/CEOs both domestically and internationally. Our ask is a burning desire for scale, relentless passion and a Jordon Belfort (from Wolf of Wall Street) like fearless confident attitude that leaves a lasting impression.


  1. Schedule qualified product demos with CXO's/Head HR's of corporates for the Sales team (Domestic/International) 
  2. Support with technical qualification of sales opportunities 
  3. Collaborate with Marketing and support sales goals to proactively build pipeline 
  4. Lead end to end outbound Email Marketing campaigns 
  5. Nurture leads across channels ie. Email, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.


  1. Manager: Daniel Nath, Partner at inFeedo.
  2. And of course the rest of the jovial inFeedo team you'll find at the end of this page. Don't forget to mention the cutest team member in your cover letter :D


  1. 0-3 years experience in sales.
  2. Extremely strong communication, persuasion and email writing skills.
  3. Aggressive, performance and data-driven approach to sales.
  4. Belief in inFeedo's core valuesteamproductclientsvision and most importantly the person you see in the mirror everyday.


  1. We'll revert within 7-10 days of your application.
  2. Happy to offer ₹30,000 for your next OnePlus6, iPhone 6s, Apple Watch or vacation to the hills/beach, if you recommend a friend who gets hired as a full time soldier at inFeedo.