Marketing Intern

  • Marketing
  • Gurgaon, India

Marketing Intern

Job description

inFeedo is looking for 2 full-time Marketing interns to join us and enable our Growth Hacks across Pipeline Generation, Pipeline Acceleration, Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing.

This role seeks those who have a keen desire to learn and grow in a fast-paced B2B Enterprise SaaS company while understanding how different business-driving functions like Sales, Sales Development, Marketing work.

You will directly be working with the Marketing & Sales Development team.


What will you be doing?

  1. Build & enrich lists for personalised email campaigns basis market research

  2. Assist Sales Development on ideating and executing pipeline acceleration campaigns

  3. Assist Marketing team with content distribution across multiple channels

Who will you work with?

  • Manager: Akshay, Partner
  • Peers: Amrita
  • And of course the rest of the jovial inFeedo team you'll find at the end of this page



What skills do you need?

  1. Kickass comm skills or a sense of humour that makes up for it
  2. Strong dose of ambition and hunger for learning with a bias for action

  3. Inventive email writing skills that exhibit clarity of thought

What happens after you apply?

  1. Our team takes a maximum of 7 days to review a profile
  2. You get a call from the team if it looks like a match
  3. If the team likes your profile and work, you will receive a small task
  4. Once you submit the task, we will take around 2-3 days to get back to you
  5. After the task, a quick in-person/telephonic interaction will be set up for a detailed assessment 
  6. Once this is complete, a final interaction will be set up at our office in Gurgaon, which will mainly focus on your problem solving approach and culture integration
  7. After this, we hi-5 and start working together :)

Your homework before you meet us?

At any step if things don't work out, we proactively send an email. You are welcome to ask for feedback and reapply in future :)

Keywords: HR Tech, SaaS, Content Writing, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales Enablement, Communications