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Graphic Designer

Job description

We're looking for a Graphic Designer to work with our Product team. We are looking for someone with a fresh set of ideas to transform our brand personality. Once you come in, you’ll work with our lead designer to build the brand from the ground up, come up with new disruptive ideas, and have the patience to iterate based on feedback from across functions. Our vision is to be a design-led company.

Join us and make A.I. more human.

All we really need from you is your enthusiasm for problem-solving, curiosity to dig into unexplored areas, and Bradley Cooper’s (from Limitless) eye for perfection.

No. of positions: 1

What will you be doing?

  1. Create Design Language: Participate in brainstorming sessions, creative exploration and development of seasonal/promotional themes that support Brand visual standards, style guides, color palettes and templates. 

  2. Design Marketing Collateral: Produce creative assets in support of all marketing campaigns, digital creatives by working closely with Customer Success, Sales, and Marketing.

  3. Employer Branding: Develop and maintain a consistent brand image and identity across all company materials. Working with a wide range of fabricators, printers, and vendors to convert design concepts into physical products. These could be awards, trophies, souvenirs, mementos; or merchandise such as mugs, t-shirts, calendars, photo frames, clocks, etc.

  4. Illustrations & Interactions: Create simple animations and deliver interactions consistent with the branding of the property.

  5. User Interface: Occasionally collaborate with the product team to design visual elements for the application.

Who will you work with?

Aaina Singh and of course the rest of the jovial inFeedo team you'll find at the end of this page.


What skills do you need?

  1. Expertise: Adobe Suite, Sketch, and AfterEffects 

  2. Experience: 1+ years experience (either as an intern, freelancer, or full-time) in designing brand language. Designing corporate branding guidelines along with relevant collateral.

  3. Design Knowledge: Excellent communicator of design work, your rationale behind proposals and a complete knowledge of the design process.

  4. Cross Functional Alignment: Excellent self-starter who can deeply collaborate with Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, Product teams.

What happens after you apply?

  1. Within 15 days of your application - which is wholesome, original & expressive - our People Team will reach out to you for a quick chat.

  2. Within 4-6 days of chatting with the People Team, you will get a call from someone from your future team to discuss the job role.

  3. If all goes well, we’ll welcome you to our office for your future manager to deep dive into the role with you and for you to show off your skills through a small task.

  4. After a quick interaction with the People Team, If our vibes match, a tête-à-tête with the founding team follows

  5. Finally, we high-five and jot down the next steps for you to come join us. :)

Our expectations before you click “Apply Now”

At any step if things don't work out, we proactively send an email. You are welcome to ask for feedback and reapply in future. :)

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