Graphic Design Intern

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  • Gurugram, India

Graphic Design Intern

Job description

We're looking for a kickass Graphic and/or UI/UX Designer to work with our Product team. We are looking for someone with a fresh set of ideas to transform our brand personality. Once you come in, you’ll work with our lead designer to build the brand from the ground up, come up with new disruptive ideas, and have the patience to iterate based on feedback from across functions. Our vision is to be a design-led company.

Join us and make A.I. more human.

All we really need from you is your enthusiasm for problem-solving, curiosity to dig into unexplored areas, and Bradley Cooper’s (from Limitless) eye for perfection.

What will you be doing?

  1. You will help create the design language for inFeedo

  2. You will stay abreast of the latest design trends specific to the industry

  3. You will collaborate with other functions to incorporate different perspectives and feedback

  4. You will translate inFeedo’s core values into visually appealing designs for external publication

  5. You will work closely with Customer Success, Sales, and Marketing as they build and ship ideas

  6. You will own the success or failure of your design work and initiate design sprints to improve shipped work

  7. Develop brand guidelines and design new collateral

  8. Revamp existing collateral such as product presentations, marketing assets

Who will you work with?

  • Manager: Aaina Singh, UX/UI Lead  
  • Peers: Amrita
  • And of course the rest of the jovial inFeedo team you'll find at the end of this page.


What skills do you need?

  1. Expertise in Adobe Suite, Sketch, and AfterEffects (Bonus!)

  2. Experience designing corporate branding guidelines along with relevant collateral

  3. Excellent communicator of design work and your rationale behind proposals.

  4. Excellent self-starter who can deeply collaborate with Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, Product teams

  5. Experience either as an intern, freelancer in designing brand language is a plus

What happens after you apply?

  1. Our team takes a maximum of 7 days to review a profile
  2. You get a call from the team if it looks like a match
  3. If the team likes your profile and work, you will receive a small task
  4. Once you submit the task, we will take around 2-3 days to get back to you
  5. After the task, a quick in-person/telephonic interaction will be set up for a detailed assessment 
  6. Once this is complete, a final interaction will be set up at our office in Gurgaon, which will mainly focus on your problem solving approach and culture integration
  7. After this, we hi-5 and start working together :)

Your homework before you meet us?

At any step if things don't work out, we proactively send an email. You are welcome to ask for feedback and reapply in future :)

KeywordsHR Tech, SaaS, Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, Adobe Suite, Sketch, Branding, AfterEffects, Design Thinking