Director - Product

Job description

Are you an experienced Product Manager driven by a passion for collaborative and user-centric solutions? We're in search of a dynamic Director - Product to take on a pivotal role. In close collaboration with essential stakeholders, you will leverage insights to craft impactful solutions, empowering CEOs and HR leaders within forward-thinking enterprises. Your efforts will resonate through the amplification of the voices of 3 million employees, ensuring their perspectives are not only heard but valued. This position offers a remarkable opportunity to tangibly influence organizational success.

As a Product Director, you will work closely with key cross-functional stakeholders, conducting in-depth user behavior research to inform prioritized solution development. Your knack for rigorous prioritization will drive the creation of the right solutions.

No. of positions: 1

What will you be doing?

  1. Be the expert: Through meeting engineers, shadowing, research, reading code etc become the expert on inFeedo's various product platforms. These product platforms provide key services to other product managers so that features can be built. You will also be responsible for maintaining  and updating documentation for these platforms. 
  2. Collaborate with the Head of Product and other Product Managers to enhance the product roadmap by integrating technical/platform perspectives. You will be a thought partner to both Product and Engineering teams, balancing product requirements with engineering scope
  3. Decide how to build, in the best way possible: Your prior experience with systems integration, data flow, APIs and automation of manual processes, and your ability to discuss system architecture with technical counterparts makes you a bridge between product pods and the platform infrastructure. You will have a parallel roadmap that mirrors the roadmap of the various pods.
  4. Manage and grow our platforms: As our customer base grows and the market evolves, our platforms will be in constant need of evolution. You will be responsible for that evolution.

Who will you work with?

Varun, Tanmaya, Aditya, Ajay, and of course the rest of the jovial inFeedo team!



What skills do you need?

  • Experience: You have 5+ years of user-facing (data-heavy B2B) product experience in a fast-paced tech environment. A proven track record of building products the customers love and strong product discovery and research skills. Domain knowledge in human resources/ employee experience is a plus.
  • Strong technical skills: You are able to dive into API documentations and software architecture and design tradeoff discussions with engineering teams internally and externally. You have extensive technical understanding and demonstrated leadership experience working effectively with engineers, data scientists, ML practitioners, other Product Managers, etc. Proficiency in SQL required, engineering background a plus;
  • Strong problem solving, analytic, and decision-making skills: You are able to ask the right questions, interpret data and trends, diagnose problems, and formulate effective action plans to resolve issues.
  • Intuition & Analytical Rigor: Strong, intuitive understanding of processes and the tools to back the initial intuition with data. You are able to dive into complex design tradeoffs
  • Bigger picture: you don’t just execute a roadmap but can play a crucial role in choosing what we build and how we build it, and you can do so with ownership and independence.
  • Excellent communication: Strong communication skills to effectively communicate with both technical and non-technical stakeholders.


  1. Demonstrable experience of leading a team
  2. Experience building analytics/reporting tools
  3. Send an email to with your favorite product mentioned and a short paragraph on why.

What happens after you apply?

  1. Within 15 days of your application - which is wholesome, original & expressive - our People Team will reach out to you for a quick chat.
  2. Within 4-6 days of chatting with the People Team, you will get a call from someone from your future team to discuss the job role.
  3. If all goes well, we’ll welcome you to our office for your future manager to deep dive into the role with you and for you to show off your skills through a small task.
  4. After a quick interaction with the People Team, If our vibes match, a tête-à-tête with the founding team follows
  5. Finally, we high-five and jot down the next steps for you to come join us. :)
  6. At any step if things don't work out, we proactively send an email. You are welcome to ask for feedback and reapply in the future.


Our expectations before you click “Apply Now”


We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at inFeedo. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status or education. [Passion>Skills>Education]

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