Happy to offer ₹30,000 for your next OnePlus6, iPhone 6s, Apple Watch or vacation to the hills/beach, if you recommend a friend who gets hired as a full time soldier at inFeedo!

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5 years ago, we set out with a mission to make the voice of every employee felt heard and valued. Today, with 30+ soldiers, inFeedo has helped 100,000+ employees in 80+ enterprises like GE, MakeMyTrip, Dunkin & Dominos feel valued by launching A.I. in HR to reduce attrition, engage employees and diagnose culture using Predictive People Analytics. 

Amber, is our smart chatbot who can talk to your employees and proactively find those who are unhappy or most likely to leave:

But in June 2016, we fell flat on our face and PeopleMatters was kind enough to publish a heart-felt story on how we leveraged our 8 core values to re-build inFeedo from scratch :)

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Tanmaya Jain (Founder)
CEO (Global Speaker incl. TEDx)
Thumb avatar 1532680039
Varun Puri (Promoter)
Partner & CPO
Thumb avatar 1548880733
Palash Jain (Promoter)
Consulting Chief of Staff (Ex-Google Head of India Ops)
Thumb avatar 1532710725
Amber (HR-Tech)
Employee Engagement Bot
Thumb avatar 1548881669
Ajay Ruhela
People Scientist (Ex-HCL)
Thumb avatar 1547211043
Anmol Kapoor (Sales)
Sr. Sales Account Executive (Ex-LinkedIn, Wingify)
Thumb avatar 1534415054
Raman Bindra (CS)
AVP - Customer Success (Ex-Salesforce, Wingify)
Thumb avatar 1541492645
Shantanu Kumar (AI)
Head of AI Products (Ex-Udacity)
Thumb avatar 1548878810
Amrita Kar (Marketing)
Content Specialist (Ex-Netscribes)
Thumb avatar 1548878708
Nidhi Kapoor (CS)
Customer Success Manager (Ex-Faurecia, France)
Thumb avatar 1532680045
Archna Dhingra (Product)
Product Manager (Ex-NIIT)
Thumb avatar 1547544961
Nipun Chawla (Tech)
Senior Backend Developer (Ex-SilverPush)
Thumb avatar 1548879281
Sameera Khan (HR)
HR Ops Lead (Ex-HackerEarth)
Thumb avatar 1548878584
Daniel Nath (Sales)
Sales Account Executive (Ex-Social Cops, Enterpreneur)
Thumb avatar 1532684255
Ishan Khatterpal (Product)
Product Manager (Ex-PeopleStrong)
Thumb avatar 1532680045
Akshay Khetrapal (Marketing)
Marketing Lead (Xaviers College Dropout)
Thumb avatar 1547210343
Aanchal Budhraj (CS)
Customer Success Manager (Ex-Zomato)
Thumb avatar 1532681859
Angraaj Palchaudhuri (Sales)
Sales Account Executive (Ex-Netscribes)
Thumb avatar 1534415030
Garima Sharma (QA)
Quality Analyst (Ex-GirnarSoft)
Thumb avatar 1532684187
Neeraj Kumar (QA)
QA Lead
Thumb avatar 1532681907
Sandeep Kumar (Tech)
UI/UX Developer
Thumb avatar 1532684068
Harish Kumar (Tech)
Frontend Developer
Thumb avatar 1547209858
Aaina Singh (Product)
UX/UI Lead
Thumb avatar 1532681960
Meghma Hira (Tech)
Backend Developer
Thumb avatar 1532681998
Tauseef Naqvi (Tech)
Backend Developer
Thumb avatar 1532680043
Deepshikha Chakraborty (CS)
Customer Success Manager
Thumb avatar 1532684225
Preksha Shukla (QA)
Quality Analyst
Thumb avatar 1532684117
Shikhar Kesarwani (AI)
Backend Developer
Thumb avatar 1532680044
Bharti Ruhil (Sales)
Sales Development Representative
Thumb avatar 1539164994
Abha Khurana (Sales)
Sales Development Representative
Thumb avatar 1547209053
Yatin Darmwal (Tech)
Associate Software Engineer
Thumb avatar 1547210865
Nitesh Bodduluri (Analytics)
Analytics Consultant


The veterans who actively contribute with thought leadership

Thumb avatar 1537791971
Ajay Shrivastava (Advisor)
CTO at Knowlarity, Ex-CTO at OYO, Slideshare
Thumb avatar 1533564238
Palash Jain (Advisor)
Ex-Head of Google India Ops, Ex-Director at Sapient
Thumb avatar 1548878825
Tauseef Qadri (Advisor)
A.I. at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Thumb avatar 1532702276
Harjeet Kohli (Advisor)
CFO at Bharti Airtel, In Sunil Mittal's Core Team
Thumb avatar 1533564152
Rattan Chugh (Advisor)
CPO at Times Internet, Ex-Country Head at Fidelity
Thumb avatar 1532702278
Ambarish Gupta (Investor)
CEO at Knowlarity
Thumb avatar 1548876006
Ashwin Ramesh (Advisor)
CEO at Synup, Forbes 30 Under 30
Thumb avatar 1548878620
Vinod Sood (Advisor)
MD at Hughes Systique, Co-Chair at NASSCOM Council
Thumb avatar 1532702277
Dheeraj Jain (Investor)
Lead Investor, MD at Redcliffe Capital
Thumb avatar 1548878623
Ashok Kapoor (Partner)
Ex-HR Head at Stanley Black & Decker, Dubai
Thumb avatar 1548878622
Thomas Abraham (Partner)
Ex-MD at Wolters Kluwers & Sage India
Thumb avatar 1532702276
Pankaj Agrawal (Investor)
CIO Angel Network, Ex-CISO at Aircel
Thumb avatar 1532702277
Amit Singal (Investor)
CEO at Startup Buddy (Funded by YouWeCan)
Thumb avatar 1532702425
Tracxn Labs (Investor)
Competitive Intelligence Engine

HQ Location

Near One Horizon Center on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon

Gurgaon HQ

Smartworks, 5th Floor, Paras Downtown Center, Golf Course Road, DLF Phase 5, Sector 53, Gurugram, Haryana 122003